Theo Angelopoulos (griechischer Filmregisseur) ist tot

Der griechische Filmemacher Theo Angelopoulos ist tot. Der 76-Jährige starb am Dienstag , 24.1.2012 an den Folgen seiner schweren Verletzungen, die er bei einem tragischen Verkehrsunfall erlitten hatte……………..


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Condolences for Theo Angelopoulos (1/25/2012)


The Thessaloniki International Film Festival would like to express its deepest sorrow on the death of Theo Angelopoulos.
Theo Angelopoulos has written his own chapter in the history of cinema. His work ranks among the very best of the most significant directors internationally. His allegorical images have portrayed History, collective memory and politics through small, human stories.

He gave us a cinema of priceless emotions and ideas. An intellectual, a thinker, a poet of images, Theo Angelopoulos leaves us all the richer through his work, all the poorer through his absence.
His loss is particularly hard for us, the people of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, who worked closely with him for a number of years and developed emotional ties.

We send our most sincere condolences to Phoebe and his children.

Press Releases
“Theo Angelopoulos” International Prize (1/26/2012)

“Theo Angelopoulos” International Prize

As a minimal tribute to the memory of the outstanding Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival have established the “Theo Angelopoulos” international prize which will henceforth be awarded every November during the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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