Greece strains to cope with migrants arriving on Kos and Lesbos [Photo report]

Tens of thousands of people, many of them fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, have been making their way from the Turkish coast to nearby Greek islands in inflatable dinghies, overwhelming cash-strapped and understaffed authorities on the islands. The vast majority then head to mainland Greece and from there, try to reach more prosperous European Union countries by either walking across the Balkans from northern Greece, or sneaking on to Italy bound ferries from the west.

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Flüchtlinge sollten schnell registriert und aufs Festland weitergeschickt werden …mehr Ordnungskräfte auf Inseln notwendig um Verfahren zu beschleunigen, Versorgung der Flüchtlinge schlecht..Bürgermeister von Kos warnt vor Blutvergiessen…..


Sonnenuntergang auf Kos..vor einigen Tag fotografiert

wo ist die Insel Kos?  google maps

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