Labels I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White…(Prince Ea)

Human Beings Were NOT Meant to Be Labeled! Artist/Writer – Prince Ea

Veröffentlicht am 02.11.2015

These Labels were Made Up to Divide us.

Download this Spoken Word piece here:…

Artist/Writer – Prince Ea // @PrinceEa

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Directed by – Spencer Sharp & Prince Ea

Shot, Edited and Colored by Joseph Lombardi

VFX by Hodja Berlev…

Music by Raul, „Koba“ Vega and Spencer Sharp
Music by @PhantomApe

Download the instrumental here:…

Special thanks to Travis Blakely, DJs NeverEndingStory, Will Engle, Luke, Subtractive Inc and Brainbox cameras.

And a HUGEE thank you to all of the souls who were kind enough to be in and support this project. Much Love!


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