Ireland becomes first country to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote

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Ireland has officially passed the same-sex marriage referendum with 1.2 million people voting in its favour. The result was confirmed just before 7pm on Saturday although the result was clear from very early in the count. The Yes vote prevailed by 62 to 38 per cent with a large 60.5 per cent turnout.

In total, 1,201,607 people voted in favour with 734,300 against, giving a majority of 467,307. The total valid poll was 1,935,907.

quelle und mehr: irish times

Reaktion in Deutschland:

Irland stimmt für gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe #Irland #HomoEhe

— tagesschau (@tagesschau) 23. Mai 2015

Ehe ist auch die Homo-Ehe: Heribert Prantl analysiert, wie #Irland auch in Deutschland möglich wäre

— Süddeutsche Zeitung (@SZ) 24. Mai 2015

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