Mother Marianne

Mutter Marianne Cope (links) mit Schwestern

von St. Francis 1886 im Lepra-Krankenhaus von Kakaako / Honolulu

quelle: DAHW

Chronology – Early Years

January 23, 1838
Born in Heppenheim, Germany
January 24, 1838
Baptized at St. Peter Church in Heppenheim (Barbara Koob)
Emigration of Koob family to the United States
Family settled in Utica, New York. Parish: St. Joseph’s. Schooling dates unknown – probably a grammar school education. Known to have spent five years at the school.
First Holy Communion and Confirmation at St. John’s Church, Utica, NY.
Census record denotes her as a factory worker. Other evidences point to conclusion that she worked at the Utica Steam Woolen Mills directly across the street from her home on Schuyler Street, Utica, NY. Barbara Koob provided means of family support during her father’s nine year illness.
July 1862
Death of Peter Koob at the age of 75.
August 26, 1862
Application for admission as a Franciscan postulant accepted at a meeting held at St. Clara’s Convent in Utica, NY. (St. Joseph Parish)
November 19, 1862
Invested as a Sister of St. Francis at the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption in Syracuse, NY.
November 19, 1863
Profession at the Church of the Assumption. Passed required examinations.
June 10, 1864
Member of the governing group of her religious community.
June 11, 1864
Vicaria of St. Francis Convent in Syracuse, NY. (Assumption Parish)

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